Studies show dangers for children in holiday toys

Studies show dangers for children in holiday toys

With Christmas just days away and long shopping lists in hand, parents were asked if they knew which toy has caused the most injuries to kids.

According to Nationwide Children's Hospital, the number of kids getting hurt playing with toys has gone up 40 percent since 1990. Studies show that falls are the most common accident and doctors say fast-moving scooters are to blame.

"When they were introduced in the year 2000," Dr Gary Smith said, "there was a rapid increase in the number of injuries. In fact, I will say that I've never seen anything like it in my career."

While scooters are considered dangerous, there are other toy studies that show other dangers that may be less obvious and more harmful to younger children.

"Despite continued regulation, there continue to be toys shipped to the United States from other countries that have lead toxicities," said Dr. Caughman Taylor.

Studies show some dangerous chemical found in rubber ducks, hairclips and even backpacks. There is also the danger of ingesting magnets, batteries, or other small toy parts.


"Most of the time, a child has to undergo sedation and have those items medically removed," Dr. Taylor said. "We've unfortunately seen deaths. That's really tough to see a kid die over something that was supposed to give them joy."

Before you consider not giving your kids any toys at all, experts and grandparents say you can keep your kids safe with a little padding.

"They wear helmets and all that," Charles Wilson said. "Don't tell their mother. She'll take it awa fromawayem."

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