Family wants answers following botched neutering surgery

Published: Nov. 25, 2014 at 5:04 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 5, 2015 at 1:59 AM EST
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LEE COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Luke Giddings loves his cat, Sylvester.

The 12-year-old adopted him from the Lee County Animal Shelter after his grandfather died.

"Really, we bonded when I was giving him his medicine," Luke said. "He was mad at me. Then, he just finally got over it and he was one of the most loving animals to me."

Giddings and his mother, Diane, say the cat is lucky to be alive after taking the pet to Shelter Director Doris Winstead for a neutering surgery that they say went horribly wrong.

"The next morning, I immediately message her on Facebook and asked how he was," Diane said. "My son cried all night and she said that he was doing better, and we could come pick him up."

An incident report filed this says Winstead told her veterinarian Dr. Ken Currie also removed a tumor from the cat.

"We picked him up, and a few days later, he just started deteriorating," Diane said. "He wasn't eating, wasn't using his litter box, wasn't active at all, wasn't moving."

Giddings says she took the cat to Dr. Currie only to find out he'd never seen the cat before.

"Our local vet said he did not do the surgery, Diane said. "He said he was infected. There's an open wound still very open. There's a scabbed up incision, and he's very swollen. The vet couldn't even tell me if he had been neutered or not."

Now, Giddings wants to know what happened. She's filed a report against Winstead who's since been suspended by the county as SLED investigates. Giddings still has lots of questions and says Winstead won't tell her who did the surgery. Giddings also says she still doesn't know whether they were licensed to do it or not.

"When I heard SLED was getting involved," Diane said, "I was relieved. I believe we'll get to the bottom of it."

Attempts to reach Winstead were made multiple times today, but there hasn't been a response.

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