Team nabs 713 pound alligator in Lake Marion

(Source: Lanny Crider)
(Source: Lanny Crider)

LAKE MARION, SC (WIS) Lanny Crider and his team nabbed a 713 pound alligator in Lake Marion over the weekend.

The alligator measured 13 feet 6 inches in length, Crider said.   

"I was awarded the alligator tag this year and enlisted help from my friend Jonathan Smith to help locate and capture a large alligator," Crider said. "We spent several weekends scouting the different areas of Lake Marion for a trophy sized alligator. It takes a lot of time to search and get prepared for an alligator of this size. We went searching several weekends and weekday evenings before with little luck."

Crider said once they spotted the alligator, they used two boats to corral and hook the alligator, which only took one throw.

"The fight was on," Crider said. "We quickly tried to get the second boat in place to get the second hook into the gator with no luck. We had to pull the boats alongside each other long enough for me to jump into the boat with Jonathon so that we could get the second hook into the gator. This fight continued for about 35 to 40 minutes."

It took a team effort to handle a beast of this magnitude, Crider said.

"This gator put up a fight like nothing ever seen on Swamp People," Crider said. "This beast tried a last ditch effort to shake off the hooks and with his massive tail, was able to reach up into the boat and hit Jonathan in the face with his tail knocking him to the floor of the boat, all the while, neither of us never let go of the ropes. We were finally able to get the worn out gator alongside the boat long enough to finally get a shot on the beast. Because of the enormous size of this beast, we were unable to get the monster into either boats."

The team was in shock when they were able to finally measure across the alligators back.

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