Adult store on Devine Street closed after injunction denied

After months of consideration, a United States district judge has denied an injunction filed by an adult store on Devine Street to remain open has been denied.

"The Court has reviewed the motion for reconsideration and related filings," Judge Terry Wooten stated in the decision, "and after careful consideration, the Court finds that Taboo has not set forth sufficient grounds to cause the Court to alter or amend its prior order addressing Taboo's motion for preliminary injunction."

Taboo initially lost its bid to remain open before the injunction was filed. During this time, store managers were provided with about 40 different locations to relocate. However, store staffers said many of those locations were inadequate and some were even occupied.

The battle between the City and Taboo lasted nearly two years as officials attempted to work to negotiate an agreement between each other. Complaints from city residents prompted city officials to change its zoning ordinances, but city leaders stated the ordinances were not changed to single out Taboo.

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