Passengers bused to Charleston after plane makes emergency landing in Columbia

Passengers of a United Airlines flight will be bused to Charleston after their plane was struck by lightning.

Kaela Harmon with the Columbia Metropolitan Airport confirms a United Airlines flight flying from Chicago to Charleston was diverted to Columbia to make an emergency landing after being struck. However, officials say the plane has been checked and no major issues were discovered.

The plane, however, will not be cleared for takeoff tonight according to Harmon and passengers will be bused to Charleston.

A source tells WIS the flight was traveling through storm clouds. The plane did experience some turbulence before and after being struck by lightning.

Harmon says the plane was examined after landing in Columbia and no major issues were discovered. However, officials took the precaution of keeping the plane grounded following the incident.

"Safety is absolutely the number one issue," Harmon said.

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