Warrant: Tim Jones, Jr. thought kids were going to kill him, feed him to dogs

Published: Oct. 1, 2014 at 2:19 PM EDT
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Jones children (Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Department)
Jones children (Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Department)
An arrest warrant issued for the Lexington County father who authorities say killed his five children says the father thought his children were going to "kill him, chop him up and feed him to the dogs."

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The arrest warrant for Tim Jones, Jr. dated Sept. 11, 2014, states Jones was wanted on a charge of unlawful conduct towards a child.

The warrant says Jones forced his five children out of his car near a Walmart in Lexington County back on Aug. 28.

"Jones stated that he believed the children were going to kill him, chop him up, and feed him to the dogs," according to an arrest warrant.

Five murder warrants say it was on or about the same day of the incident near Walmart when Jones violently killed the five children.

Jones was found in Mississippi during a traffic checkpoint. During that stop, police found a "large amount of blood and hand written notes with directions to kill and mutilate bodies," the warrant said.

Days later, Jones took law enforcement agents to a rural area in Alabama where the decomposed bodies of five children were found.

Jones has appointed two public defenders, since "Counsel is concerned the State might seek the death penalty," according to court documents.

One of his attorneys will be dismissed if the State chooses not to seek the death penalty for Jones.

Another document WIS obtained Wednesday said Jones wishes to exercise his Fifth Amendment right to all law enforcement.

He also exercised his Sixth Amendment right and will not be questioned in the absence of his attorneys.

In the 28 pages, WIS also learned Jones wished to waive any unnecessary court appearances due to "intense media scrutiny."

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