Columbia lands in top 200 cities list for safe drivers

Columbia is the 154th city in the country when it comes to safe drivers.
Columbia is the 154th city in the country when it comes to safe drivers.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - An insurance company says Columbia's drivers rank 154th out of a survey of 200 top cities in the United States when it comes to safe drivers. According to Allstate's America's Best Drivers Report, that's down from 137th place last year.

The company says it takes the total number of collisions, minor or major, into account, when factoring up these numbers.

Allstate officials say in spite of the fact Columbia has a lot of colleges, college students don't contribute to more accidents. They say accidents here affect all ages pretty equally.

Allstate agency owner Kevin Shealy hopes other agencies in the area will use these latest numbers as a resource.

"Give it to the local areas, let them determine what needs to be done as far as what the city of Columbia and the state of South Carolina may need to do to make that safer," said Shealy.

Shealy added that he hopes cities will use Fort Collins, Colorado, which is ranked the safest town to drive in, and other leading towns as a benchmark to see how to improve driver safety.

For the first time, there were multiple different factors considered. This year, Allstate considered population, population density and factors such as rain in ranking how safe a city is to drive in. The report stated the average driver in Columbia will have a car crash almost every 8 years. Columbia was only nine spots away from being the worst city to drive in when population density was considered as a factor.

According to the report, you're actually safer driving around Charlotte. The Queen City ranked 101st, but you're even worse off in Atlanta which has a ranking of 174.

Allstate officials say cut down on the distractions to avoid getting in an accident yourself. That means putting away the cell phones and leaving in plenty of time so you're not rushing.

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