Trikke's may be coming to a city near you

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - You may have seen them on the streets and taken a second look.

In cities of every size, new ways to get around are getting harder to miss.

"It's faster than people realize," said Donald Allen, a safety ambassador with Columbia Yellow Shirts. "It can turn on a dime."

With a top speed of 25 miles, these flashy motorized Trikke's are helping some law enforcement and security teams like the Yellow Shirts stay ahead of crime.

They are also the type of trend that gets attention.

"You just hit the throttle and you take off," said Trikke trainer Sam Holland. "You can even do it in heels."

Many say there are so many possibilities for the Trikke that haven't even been discovered yet.

"When it's 102 degrees outside and you're in a suit and tie, it can be tricky to get to where you're going without being fatigued," Holland said. "You can park your car in a parking lot and ride this the rest of the way."

Law enforcement agencies are also in talks to add Trikkes to their fleet, but it's been a slow sell here in South Carolina.

"I've sold one," Holland said. "But we have the best weather for this kind of thing."

So whether you like the look or are seeking the same safe thrills of former president Jimmy Carter, Trikke's may soon be coming to a bike lane near you.

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