Rep. Vick: "I can't believe I'm in handcuffs in the State House"

(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Video of Democratic State Representative Ted Vick chronicles the Pee Dee lawmaker's interaction with Bureau of Protective Services officers late Tuesday night as he was arrested for DUI in the State House parking garage.

The video provided to WIS by the Department of Public Safety is more than an hour in length.

Vick was arrested after an officer saw him staggering around on the grounds shortly after 11 p.m., according to a DPS spokesperson. The officer followed Vick on foot into the parking garage but did not catch up with him until he saw Vick trying to pull out of the garage, according to the report.

After seeing Vick swerve and hit a traffic cone, the officer stopped him and reported noticing a strong odor of alcohol coming from the lawmaker.

Security cameras in the underground parking lot show Vick walk into the garage toward his truck. The quality of the video, however, does not allow for an accurate depiction of Vick's state. A short time later, Vick's truck can be seen stopping just before the exit.

A camera inside the officer's cruiser shows Vick being escorted to the vehicle. He can be seen struggling with an officer for a short time on camera. It is unclear if he does so off camera as well.

After a few minutes, officers eventually get Vick inside a BPS vehicle.

Once inside the cruiser, Vick says he's "sorry about this" and then asks "why are we doing this?"

"Brother, take these things off of me," says Vick to the officer. "I wish I could sir," the officer says. "I'm not going to beat anybody up. I'm not going anywhere," says Vick. "This is crazy dude."

"I can't believe I got handcuffs on me in the State House," says Vick as he continues to sit in the BPS vehicle. "I hadn't harmed anybody. I hadn't done anything."

"Somebody will come pick me up if you leave my truck right there," suggests Vick later.

"I wish you had done that before," says the officer.

"Dude I hadn't moved 100 foot," says Vick. "You were in the process of leaving," says the officer. "You sure?" asks Vick. "Yes, sir. Apparently the officer was, too," responds the officer.

After approximately 15 minutes of sitting in the car, the video shows officers move Vick out of the vehicle and search his pockets and shoes.

At one point, Vick asks officers to call the Sergeant-at-Arms for the House of Representatives.

After getting back into the vehicle, Vick suggests to the officer that he is a Colonel in the Army. The officer says "I respect that, sir." "Do you?" replies Vick.

Later an officer asks Vick if he will submit to a field sobriety test. "I'm not intoxicated," he responds.

"On a scale of 1-10, 0 being stone cold sober and 10 being knock down drunk, where would you rate yourself?" asks the officer. "No comment," responds Vick.

Vick, asks officers to take his handcuffs off again. "I'm not running anywhere," says Vick "Get these handcuffs off me." "I can't do that for you right now sir," responds the officer.

Vick was eventually charged with DUI and transported to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. He bonded out the next day.

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