USC student who planned her own funeral has died

Jessica Clark (Source: Jessica Clark)
Jessica Clark (Source: Jessica Clark)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A strong young woman WIS introduced to you last year has passed away. Jessica Clark died Thursday morning in North Carolina.

Jessica wanted to make it clear that she wasn't looking for pity when she came forward to tell her story last September. She was using a window of good health to spread awareness for BOS or chronic rejection.

After watching her mother succumb to the same illness, Jessica got chronic rejection after her first double-lung transplant. Since there's no cure for BOS, she had to receive a second transplant when her body rejected the first.

But it wasn't enough. Friends say she fought up until the end. 

"I just hope people would gather the strength from having known me and just be happy, and remember how happy I was even though I've been through so much," said Jessica in September, 2012. "I'd hope they remember the good times, and that when we had good times they were really good.... yeah."

Jessica was raising money for the Lung Transplant Foundation and her family is asking for any donations to go toward that organization.

Jessica was 22 years old. The funeral that she planned herself will be held Monday in North Carolina.

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