Vandals deface Williams-Brice, write 'GO TIGERS' on Cockaboose

(Source: Victor Hampton/Twitter)
(Source: Victor Hampton/Twitter)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's not even November yet, and never before has the rivalry between the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks been so red hot. Vandals appear to have gotten themselves involved in the rivalry.

A picture posted to Victor Hampton's Instagram account shows a crudely-drawn Clemson Tiger paw on the field at Williams-Brice.

"It's war they put a paw on our field so #disrespectful," the red-shirt junior cornerback from Darlington wrote.

A few hundred feet away from the field, the vandals appear to have also struck one of the parked garnet-colored train cars affectionately known as Cockabooses.

In orange spray paint, the vandal wrote "GO TIGERS" on the side of the car, just below a painted Gamecock. A second poorly-drawn paw was also located on that car.

Former Gamecocks running back Kenny Miles heard about the vandalism and spoke about it on Twitter.

"Clemson is that little kid that needs a reminder 'don't you do that,' said Miles. "So #gamecocknation, hold up the 4fingers, point and laugh."

Clemson will visit Williams-Brice on Nov. 30.

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