Midlands nun reflects on 8 popes in her lifetime

Sister Maria Lovett
Sister Maria Lovett

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In a fast-paced world, you can count on things changing. But in 42 years, the starting pitcher at St. Joseph School hasn't.

"The only thing is, if my arm gives way I'm gonna' stop teaching" said Sister Maria Lovett. "Because that will be a sign He wants me to stop."

Sister Maria has pitched and preached to thousands of first graders, their children, and their children's children. She has been teaching at St. Joseph School in Columbia for four decades.

"My children and Miss Carrera's children have come through to get approval on future husbands and wives," said Wanda Williams laughing.

"I enjoy teaching and I thank God every day that I'm healthy and able to do it," said Sister Maria.

In 60 years as a nun she says she's seen the world evolve in good ways and bad.  Francis is the eighth Pope she's seen in her lifetime.

"He looks like a good man, a humble man," she said. "I feel like we just have to trust him and believe in him, and know that things might change or happen, you know?"

Changes like women in the priesthood.

"I'm a nun and I want to do the job I want to do," said Sister Maria. "But in his day, that might happen."

She is happy where she is and doesn't plan to close the book any time soon.

"She's kind of become an institution around here," said Williams. "She'd kill me if she heard me say that!"

In a Church in transition, there are constants.

"Every year I say God, 'Do you still want me to go on?'" she said. "He must because they keep hiring me back! hah aha."

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