A look inside the warehouse where Richland Co.'s voting machines are kept

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Richland County election warehouse is one of the areas where officials did identify some problems with voting machines that went out on Election Day.

Authorities found some issues with the power supply cords, but they say it still doesn't make up for the lack of machines election day.

"We think some of the problems we encountered with some of these machines were power supply-related," said Steve Hamm, an attorney for Richland County. "The staff has already replaced some of them, but that process has not yet been completed."

That's not all. For the first time ever, batteries have been removed from all of the machines to be tested for deficiencies.

"There's no question we had some occassions where those machines were not plugged in when they were brought back in," said Hamm.

As for the warehouse itself, over the summer there were issues with power outages. Since, cords charging rows of machines were replaced and grounding devices added as extra protection.  Leaks in the roof were also repaired.

"Even if water were to splash on it the way they're stored here, the water and moisture would not get inside," said Hamm.

Much like your home computer, voting machines require climate control conditions.

"They're continuing to work on the duct work and on the actual equipment to maintain the temperature," said Hamm. "I have and will be suggesting they probably need a system where they can monitor temperature on an ongoing basis."

Employees work at the warehouse three times a week -- ultimately while investigators say there were machine issues.

"We did not have enough machines," said Hamm.

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