Shocking eagle video was student project

Shocking eagle video was student project

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (NBC) - The YouTube video of an eagle snatching a baby in a Montreal park went viral overnight. It turns out the hoax was a school project for four students.

The video was clicked over 16 million times in less than three days.

It shows a little boy sitting in a grassy area with an adult. A hovering eagle swoops down and tries to fly away with the boy. The toddler is then suspended a few feet off the ground before being dropped by the bird.

From the beginning, the debate about whether or not the video is real was ferocious.

Those who believed it was fake were right.

Four third year students at Centre NAD - A Montreal animation school - put the video together in approximately 500 hours over two months.

"I'm shocked, I had no idea it would go viral so quick," said Felix Marquis-Poulin, one of the students.

The class had high standards - to get a video to go viral and make it a hoax.

Students that got 100 thousand hits received an A. These guys blew that grade right out of the water.

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