Irmo mayor takes heat for racist Facebook post he says he never made

IRMO, SC (WIS) - A public apology never happened on Tuesday night despite neighbors demanding one from Irmo Mayor Hardy King after he caught heat for a Facebook image he says he didn't post in the first place.

The post was an image that read, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone, food stamps, section 8 housing, a six-pack of beer, a crack pipe and some Air Jordan's and he'll vote Democrat for the rest of his life."

Offended Irmo residents asked King about that controversial post that some believe ended up on his Facebook page.

"I found the comments offensive and derogatory to a large group of your Irmo constituents," said Irmo resident Ruby Miller.

"Though it's time that each of us can believe whatever we like, and have the freedom to express our views, it's most troubling because his value might skew his advocating for the citizens of Irmo," said Deborah Breedlove.

King denies liking or sharing the post on his page, and we found no concrete evidence that the post was ever there.

"Do I remember commenting on this? No," said King. "If I had it would be on my timeline today."

But King says he has seen it somewhere before.

"That does look familiar, that last part -- vote Democrat forever -- I remember reading that," said King.

Even though King denies the post, some residents say the issue is about supporting free speech.

"There's thing we don't like everywhere, but everyone of us still has the freedom of speech to say it," said one resident.

After the meeting, the mayor said he should be allowed to say whatever he wants.

"My Facebook page is not a town Facebook page or a mayor page, it's a Hardy King page," said King. "If I want to make a comment that's either intelligent or stupid or ignorant or honest, I'm still going to make it that's why I am who I am."

The post is not currently on his Facebook page, but residents are adamant that they saw it on his page. They also say even if someone else posted it, they say it should have been deleted immediately.

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