Both sides push for votes in transportation tax issue

Road that could be paved with revenues from penny sales tax
Road that could be paved with revenues from penny sales tax

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - There are 250 unpaved roads in Richland county. A majority of them are in Lower Richland.

The Richland County Council says if the penny sales tax goes through the county will be able to pave those immediately.

Sanders Aye is ready for that to happen. He's lived on Adams Scott Rd. since the 1970's.

He's got more neighbors now. But one thing has stayed the same.

"Same dirt road we had 40 years ago," said Aye. "You're tearing your car up every time you come through here. Don't have a trench here so the water just runs into my house." @

His neighborhood is number 103 on the waiting list to get their road paved.

County council says it needs more money in the budget.  They're hoping voters like Aye will vote yes to the penny sales tax.

If approved, it would generate $45 million in road improvements over the next 20 years.

"I think there are a lot of questions at this point," said Daniel Rickenmann, who opposes the tax.

He's not sure if the money will be used wisely.  He thinks council needs more time figure out a longer term solution.

"There's no guarantee all those roads will get paved," said Rickenmann. "No guarantee that they will be maintained after that."

Aye is hoping for the best.

"The road needs to be paved," he said. "I'm hoping the penny tax will do some good."

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