Family mans the post of Red Bank's unofficial "greeter"

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - The Red Bank community is rallying behind a local man most wave hello to every day. The community's unofficial greeter, John Taylor, was involved in a bad motorcycle accident this past weekend.

If you've driven Highway 6 though Red Bank then you've likely seen Taylor. He's not out there on Tuesday, but his post is being covered by his family while he recovers.

Taylor has become a big of a local celebrity.

"Even though they don't know him other than sitting outside here beside the road and waiving at people, everybody has actually come together and supported him," said Chris, Taylor's son.

Taylor's family got quite a shock Saturday when the Medevac helicopter flew over their home and the phone rang.

"It was my dad's brother and all daddy caught out of it was wreck and daddy," said Denise, Taylor's daughter.

"Witnesses say he was looking back at the motorcycle and back at what he hit and I suppose he turned the handlebars then and hit the curb and rolled the bike," said Chris.

Taylor suffered several broken ribs, a bruised lung, and cracked vertebra.

The next morning, a citizen posted a sign that reads "GET WELL SOON, MR. TAYLOR" next to Taylor's spot. Someone removed the sign since the family left Taylor's post around 7:00 p.m.

"I'm upset about that," said Chris.

The community however, is unrelenting in their support for their unofficial greeter.

"They said they're going to put the poster back up and plus that, they're going to add more to it; they're going to try to fill the whole fence," said Chris.

While he's still under sedation in the ICU, Taylor's post won't be left vacant, his family standing in as long as it takes.

"He's just a kind loving fellow, very generous and he's just out for the public," said Chris.

Taylor's family expects will be back at his post on Highway 6 just as soon as he's feeling up to it.

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