Mother knows value of seat belts through loss of daughter

Wreckage of car in which Kelsey Sease died
Wreckage of car in which Kelsey Sease died

ROCK HILL, SC (WIS) - Cindy Sease says it still hurts, she misses her daughter Kelsey, known for being an adventurous and goofy teenager.

"She was my only child," said Sease. "So I went from being a mother one day to this beautiful, full of life child to just suddenly having this void."

She lost Kelsey seven years ago in a car wreck.

Cindy says the 16 year old and two friends were driving back to Rock Hill from their spring break vacation at the beach.  Along the way, something went wrong on Interstate 20 in Kershaw County.

"Somehow the driver lost control of the vehicle over corrected a couple of times, went into the median and hit two trees."

Kelsey was not wearing a seat belt.

"I felt betrayed that she didn't have on her seat belt because it's such a simple thing and it could have made the difference," she said.

Kelsey died instantly. Her friends survived.

"we were told at the was wind that caused the driver to lose control but we found out couple weeks later when we had some pictures developed they were actually taking pictures at the time."

She still has the last photo taken of her daughter while she was alive.  It was taken by a friend in the back seat of the car.

"That moment she was having fun with her friends," said Sease. "Next moment she was gone."

Her daughter's life was cut short after a simple and bad decision. Sease shares this message everyday with anyone who will listen.

"I never got a chance to see her go to her first prom, graduate from high school, send her off to college, I'll never plan a wedding for her. I'll never have grandchildren.Several milestones that will never take place for me."

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