WIS Internship Program

What's an internship?
The WIS Internship Program encompasses observation and instruction, in addition to hands-on broadcast experience. Participants must be enrolled in an academic program for which credit will be awarded at the successful completion of the internship. But just as important as the practical experience, perhaps even more important in some respects, is the opportunity to realistically appraise broadcasting as a career field.

What's required?
WIS must be informed in writing of the number of course credit hours or other credit to be awarded at the completion of the internship, how many man-hours the college requires the student to work, and what kind of performance evaluation is required, if any. On or before reporting for work, the student must provide WIS with a copy of the his/her paid receipt for tuition and fees. The course to which the internship credit hours will be applied must be clearly identified.

Who's eligible?
A commercial television station is no different from an other "for-profit" business operation in its staffing requirements. That is, it takes people from many different fields of expertise and schooling to carry on day-to-day operations and produce a quality product. Student interns may be studying Broadcast Journalism, Business Administration, English, Media Arts or any one of many other curricula. Eligibility requirements for participating in an internship program vary from school to school, so check out the particulars with a faculty member or academic advisor/counselor at your school.

How to apply:
Complete an internship application (right click and save) and letter of understanding (right click and save) and return them to:
Community Services Director
WIS Television
PO Box 367
Columbia, SC - 29202
FAX: 803-758-1171

Deadlines for application:

Fall (August-December): must apply by July 1st.

Spring (January-May): must apply by December 1st.

Summer (May-August): must apply by April 1st.

For more information or to request an application, call 803-758-1251 or e-mail Community Relations.