Police: 40 homes burglarized since Thanksgiving

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - With the holiday season here, it's that time of year when burglars have their eyes on your home.

Columbia Police want you to be careful, especially after more than 40 homes have been burglarized since thanksgiving.

One victim, Kim Muckenfuss' back window is boarded up after an intruder tried to break-in Monday night.

"When I came in, there was glass on the floor, were they had busted the window with a rock but they didn't get in," said Kim.

Kim says she thinks her alarm scared them off.

Police say they always see more break-ins during the holiday season, and so far forty homes have been burglarized.

"That's too many," said Officer Scott Stover."Too many burglaries and we need the citizens help to fight this type of crime."

Officer Stover says the first line of defense is to lock your doors, windows and keep bushes cut low.

"And set the alarm system," he added.

If you can't afford a security system, Stover says a pet will suffice.

Also if you're away from home leave blinds open and make sure a T-V or lights are on.

"One of the key things to this is making your home look like it's lived in or occupied while you're away," said Stover.

Although Kim feels violated, she's glad the measures she had in place kept the burglar out.

"You never can be too careful, never can be too safe," said Kim.

Columbia police is offering free property checks call 545-3500 to make an appointment or for more safety tips www.columbiapd.net .

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