Store clerk recovering after being shot during robbery

Source: Jody Barr
Source: Jody Barr

REMBERT, SC (WIS) – An armed robbery sent a Sumter County store owner to the hospital Monday night with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The shooting happened at Dixon's Shopping Center on Highway 261 around 10:00 p.m.

Deputies say when they arrived at the store at 1290 N. Kings Hwy., they found Charles Dixon lying on the floor with a gunshot would to the stomach. Dixon was flown to a Richland County hospital by helicopter.

The victim is Charles "Roy" Dixon, who owns the gas station/liquor store. Dixon's brother, Jimmy, told WIS that Monday night's armed robbery was the third time the store has been robbed, "recently." Dixon said his brother is "expected to be fine."

Denise Clea has worked for Dixon for five years. After five armed robberies in two years, Dixon could have lost his life Monday night. "They started to call my phone and was like, 'something's going on at the store and you need to go down there and check on Roy,'" recounted Clea.
It's not the first time Dixon has found himself on the business end of a gun, but it is the first time his family says he's fired back.      
Dixon's aim was pretty good -- his shots knocked the back glass out, and riddled the body of the truck. Investigators found about a dozen shell casings in the store's parking lot.
"Sometimes he would say 'maybe it's just time for him to get out of the business,' because they rob him so regularly and just taking a loss after loss," said Clea. "It's kind of discouraging him."
Dixon knew the risks, according to Clea. "I don't think he had a clue it would come to this," she added.
"Why?" asked Clea. "Why our store? Why our community? Because even one of the robberies they came in and they shot in the store while customers were in there, so that means they don't even have a care for our lives, so we definitely take it personal."
Dixon's family said he's been through surgery and doctors expect him to be fine. Deputies say they're processing forensic evidence from inside the truck and hope to have some suspects soon.

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