Haley talks jobs, education at town hall meeting

IRMO, SC (WIS) - Questions ranged from unemployment to education as Governor Nikki Haley addressed constituents Tuesday at a town hall meeting in Irmo.
Before she took questions from the audience at Dutch Fork High School, Haley revealed her goals next year including increasing jobs and well-trained workers.
"We are filling that funnel," said Haley. "Jobs are coming every day. We've got announcements every week, but we have to continue to make those announcements match up with the fact we have a growing workforce."
The governor plans to network with technical schools and colleges to get workers trained for jobs coming to south Carolina.
When audience questions started, many focused on education, specifically Haley's reform plan. Part of the plan calls for privatizing the state's bus system to free up funds that can go directly to local districts. She also wants to make the superintendent a governor-appointed position.
State education association president Jackie Hicks is willing to grade the governor on her education ideas. "I regret to say I would have to give her an F," said Hicks. "Until you pull in the people who are on the front lines -- the teachers working with the students, the parents, the school districts -- until you get input from everyone, then your plan is not for the people. It's just for yourself."
A school bus driver at the meeting said she was concerned she would lose her job if the system was privatized. The governor told her drivers and maintenance workers would keep their jobs.
Haley will host another town hall Wednesday night in Aiken at the Municipal Auditorium starting at 6:30pm.

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