Heavy rainfall causes a backyard to flood

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Last weekend's heavy rains are still causing headaches for neighbors in the Yorkshire neighborhood in Columbia.

Yorkshire resident Barbara Ramey says the rainwater from her neighborhood ran down her street into her yard and still hasn't drained.

She says it's an ongoing problem and wants the city to come check it out.

Ramey's backyard now has a pool inside a pool. A pond of standing water she says lingers for weeks after a storm.

"The smell, it's not really bad right now, but when the sun hits it it's an odor that's just terrible," said Ramey.

Her low-lying yard has become the collection point for the neighborhood.

The water broke down brick walls before it ended up at Ramey's house.

A foot of water flooded her garage and home before it made its way into the backyard, where some of it still stands, breeding mosquitoes and flies.

"We have children and they can't even come out in the backyard at all to play," said Ramey.

Ramey, her neighbors and the company that manages her property have contacted the city of Columbia to inspect the drains in the area.

"Something should be done, there's no sense in something lingering this long," said Ramey.

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