DHEC: “The earlier you get your flu shot, the better”

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's not quite jacket weather and companies are already advertising for flu shots.

Is it too soon to vaccinate?

According to DHEC the earlier you get your flu shot, the better.

DHEC's Jim Beasley says the flu shot is good for the entire flu season and it's now available at your DHEC County Public Health Department as well as some private providers.

Beasley says flu typically peaks in South Carolina around January and February.

"Getting the shot now will ensure the vaccine has enough time to fully protect you when the season is at its worst," said Beasley. "It takes a couple weeks for it to have full effects on your body so the earlier you get it the more protected you'll be as flu arrives in South Carolina."

The CDC continues to encourage anyone 6 months and older to get the vaccine.

Beasley says there's added importance for parents with infants, who are too young to receive the vaccine.

"There's a universal recommendation the flu shot be given to anyone over 6 months of age but that means those 6 months and younger are somewhat vulnerable," said Beasley. "That's why we always recommend that parents, caregivers of the very young always be immunized."

The vaccines are available at many Midlands pharmacies and the DHEC has also made it available.

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