Cleaning service making life easier for chemo patients

By Dawndy Mercer Plank - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There is a national program now available in the greater Columbia area where cleaning companies give you the gift of a clean home while you're going through your cancer treatment for free. They are called Cleaning For A Reason.

Many days, Windy Pittman does not even have the strength to sit up and peruse a magazine. "There is no energy," said Pittman, who learned late last year she has breast cancer.

"My son was here and he knew I was expecting the call for the results," recounted Pittman. "When she told me, he came over and he hugged me. And then I said, 'okay. What are we going to do? We got to fix this.'"
She immediately started treatment, enduring the toughness of chemotherapy. "Everything hurts," said Pittman. "Your skin hurts. Your clothes on your skin hurt. And all you can do for several days after is take the pain medication and sleep."
But a program new to the area is giving Windy a break. Amanda Wilson with Central Midlands Cleaning knows the toll chemo takes after watching her brother and grandmother both fight cancer. She's using the company to help others by volunteering for the national program, Cleaning For A Reason.

"I know that I'm tired at the end of the day and I want to come home to a clean home," said Wilson. "So, I can only imagine somebody undergoing chemotherapy with little energy as it is, just to be able to relax in a clean environment."
The company receives no compensation for the service. "Why do it? My question is why not do it?" said owner Brian Turbeville. "It's a wonderful thing that helps women who really need it."

"I really appreciate that they're taking time out of their schedules to do this," said Pittman.
Windy also is touched by the fact that one of the women cleaning her home is herself a breast cancer survivor. "That understanding is priceless, for her to know exactly what I'm going through and what I need," said Pittman. "It's been, well, that's a blessing."
The cleaning company can't take away the pain chemotherapy creates, but they can brighten the cancer patient's life at home -- one scrubbing at a time.

"It really does make me feel better to know that one of the things I can't do very well right now is being done for me," said Pittman.

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