What's Going Around: There must be a lot of coughing out there

(WMBF) – There must be a lot of coughing out there! Local doctors agree -- that seems to be exactly what's going around this week.

Dr. Ray Holt at Seacoast Primary Care in Little River is treating mostly asthmatic bronchitis. He says it starts as a chest cold and turns into asthma-like symptoms, coughing fits and wheezing that's worse at night.

You can treat it with plenty of fluids... and stay out of the cold -- which is hard to do right now.

Dr. Ron Reynolds in Myrtle Beach is treating sinusitis at Beach Urgent Care. You'll have sinus pressure and frequent ear pain. You'll need an antibiotic, decongestant and steroid to really get better.

He's also seeing two highly contagious illnesses -- pink eye and the stomach flu.

Dr. Reynolds says that vomiting and diarrhea will stick around for 18 hours -- you can take an anti-nausea medicine, like phenergan, for the symptoms.  Staying hydrated is also important, but you'll need to get on some antibiotic eye drops for the pink eye.

If someone in your house gets one of those highly contagious illnesses -- there is something you can do to keep from getting it.

"Any of the cleaning agents come into play when you have something like this.  You know washing areas down even with soap and water," said Dr. Reynolds, "And even more important, the person who has the stomach flu...you need to isolate them and limit their exposure to other people."

Finally, Dr. Nick Colvard with Grand Strand Pediatrics in Surfside Beach is seeing some bronchiolitis.

He says it's a really bad cold in older kids -- but in babies it can cause significant coughing, wheezing... And sometimes requires hospitalization.

Treatment for the older kids is same as any other cold, but he says the infants need intense respiratory intervention, so get to the doctor as soon as possible.

A lot of these illnesses can get worse over time -- so get plenty of sleep and eat right.

It's just what the doctor ordered.

That's what's going around.

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