Perspective: A WIS editorial on exercising your right to vote

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Over the past few weeks, I've heard anecdotally that this general election may be the most pivotal in recent history.  Nationwide there seems to be a sentiment of "throw the bums out" when it comes to incumbents, and a recent poll indicated that more people would vote for an inexperienced candidate than an incumbent candidate based upon their dissatisfaction with the way our country is being governed.

Lately, South Carolina politics have been interesting at best and embarrassing at  worst, and I for one am tired of our state being the butt of late night talk show jokes.  We have several hotly contested offices up for grabs, and the campaigns have been running very negatively.  I'm glad to see a number of televised debates  because frankly, it's hard to make a decision based upon negative campaign ads.  And yet so much rests on the outcome of this election for our state.

We've been through eight years of inaction and conflict in the legislature….resulting in very little getting done to improve our social and economic welfare.  We need folks who can work together to resolve pressing problems like our 11% unemployment rate,  education funding, rampant poverty, and the need for economic development.

With less than a week to go, I encourage you to do your homework on the candidates, don't just rely on sound bites and negative rhetoric.  Make sure you exercise your right to vote for the person you feel will represent progress in our state and in our community.  If you are unsure about who's going to appear on your ballot, go to and look at the candidates.  Be an informed voter…the future of our state depends upon it.

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