A Quantum Leap in Performance

Southern Vinyl Windows

Today's windows can solve problems and improve comfort in the home in ways that were only imagined ten or fifteen years ago. Is your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter? Are you concerned about seeing your valuable investment in home furnishings destroyed by fading? Southern Vinyl Windows can change that.

Standard windows can allow the cool or warm air in your home to leak outdoors, contributing to higher energy bills. The effective insulation provided by Southern Vinyl Windows keeps this air in your home. The result: an energy savings of up to 65% - guaranteed!

A Comfortable and Energy Efficient Home

How can Southern Vinyl Windows make this claim?  The proof is in their incredible insulation performance.  The effectiveness of a window is determined by its insulation performance; the better the insulation performance of a window, the more effective it is at keeping heat inside your home.  This means lower energy costs and, just as importantly, improved comfort for you and your family.  Windows with Southern Heat Mirror TM glass are offering two, three, or four times more energy-efficiency than typical dual-pane glass.

You Should Select a Higher R-Value Glazing if:

  • Reducing heating costs is a factor in your design planning.
  • Your home has large areas of glass. Improving the insulating value of your windows may be necessary to comply with local energy codes.
  • You sit near your windows in the winter.