More students arrested for melee at Fairfield Central High School

A Taser similar to the ones used on some students
A Taser similar to the ones used on some students

WINNSBORO, SC (WIS) - More arrests are expected following Thursday's fights at Fairfield Central High School in Winnsboro, and now officers now have a better view of what happened and how it all began.

Students at Fairfield Central are supposed to be concentrating on excellence in academics, athletics and the arts as the end of the school year approaches. On Friday they were able to do it without the distractions created by a series of fights and 20 arrests a day earlier.

Winnsboro Public Safety Chief Freddie Lorick continues to investigate the incident, said originally to have been started by two girls fighting over a boy.

"Actually the two girls that fought, they were not the ones who were going with the boy," said Lorick. "They were friends of the girl who was going with the boy. So it gets crazy."

The fights brought a swarm of town and county officers to the campus. Several officers used Tasers to subdue some of the students.

Lorick says after viewing security camera video, he's satisfied the Tasers were used correctly. "In fact, if it was left up to me, I'd have a bunch of these parents sit down and look at it in a room and look at how the kids show off," said Lorick. "The officers did nothing improperly, from what I've seen."

Lorick says the video helped officers identify five or six more students who will also face disorderly conduct charges.

We tried again on Friday to speak with district Superintendent Patrice Robinson. On Thursday, we were told she had no comment. On Friday, she did not respond to our messages.

Lorick, who once served as a resource officer at Fairfield Central, said he had no problem with the way teachers and staff reacted to the violence in their school.

"I think the school handled it properly considering the circumstances, from all indications I see," said Lorick.

Lorick also downplayed claims suggesting the fighting was gang-related. The chair of the Fairfield County School Board issued a statement saying the incident was "not representative of our student body or our district."

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