Funeral set for 11-year-old Laurence Manning Academy student

Ashlie Pipkin (Source: Selena Moore)
Ashlie Pipkin (Source: Selena Moore)
Ashlie Pipkin (Source: Selena Moore)
Ashlie Pipkin (Source: Selena Moore)

By Jordan Sandler - bio | email

MANNING, SC (WIS) - Funeral plans are set for an 11-year-old Sumter girl. A memorial service for Ashlie Pipkin is Saturday at Laurence Manning Academy at 1pm.

Pipkin was a fifth-grader at the academy.

Earlier this week, her family said she had the flu, and that developed into pneumonia.

Pipkin's family says she died while riding in an ambulance headed to Palmetto Health Richland hospital in Columbia around 2pm Wednesday.

Pipkin's family added Ashlie had already visited Tuomey Medical Center in Sumter twice for the same issues.

Ashlie's mom, Brandi, says the 5th grader felt fine last Friday and didn't feel any symptoms until Monday when she woke up sick.

Brandi says Ashlie was diagnosed with the flu on Monday and was given Robitussin with codeine. She believes Ashlie had a bad reaction to the codeine on Tuesday because she woke up with red welts all over her body.

Doctors at Tuomey then diagnosed her with pneumonia in her left lung, but it began to creep over to her right lung.

Ashlie's family is obviously very shocked and saddened by her death. They described her as athletic and energetic.

"This is very serious," said Ashlie's cousin, Selena Moore. "For Ashlie to be as healthy as she was and this just hit her Monday and here it is Wednesday we're mourning her death. Please, any onset of any symptoms, please go to your doctor, go to the emergency room and be seen."

Laurence Manning Academy Headmaster Spencer Jordan shut the school down on Tuesday after nearly 300 students stayed home sick. He couldn't imagine the situation would lead to death.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to Ashlie's family," said Jordan.

Pipkin's also says that every time Ashlie got sick that she had trouble breathing, so officials are looking into that further.

An autopsy was performed but Sumter County Coroner Harvin Bullock says his office is still waiting on additional test results. Bullock says it appears unlikely he will be able to name the official cause of Pipkin's death Friday.

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