Alex Fleming and Trey Delage

Published: Jul. 30, 2009 at 8:43 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 31, 2009 at 2:08 PM EDT
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Biography:  Trey Delage of Columbia and Alex Fleming of Liberty, SC began their romantic journey five years ago with an introduction by mutual friends of the Columbia Fire Department.  This past May Trey lured Alex away from her school work to Myrtle Beach with a story of celebrating a friend's promotion.  She later learned the Myrtle beach getaway had a stronger purpose.  When walking with Trey down the beach she stumbled across "will you" written in the sand.  Surrounded by their closest friends on the coast, showcasing south Carolina's beauty, Alex accepted Trey's proposal of marriage.  Trey had the ring set with the center stone of Alex's grandmother's wedding ring, adding a touch of family to the symbol of their commitment to each other.

Alex graduated from Columbia College, where she played soccer for the Fighting Koalas.  She has gone on to pursue her Masters of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.  During the day you can find Alex in class or doing research with the South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Program; and most nights, up to her elbows in pasta at Pasta Fresca.  Trey is a graduate of Richland Northeast high School and completed his training at the South Carolina Police Academy.  Trey now serves the city of Columbia as a police officer.

Where the road of life will take them is unclear, but Alex hopes to continue her education by obtaining her PhD while Trey devotes himself to the community and the city as a police officer.  They also hope to eventually expand their family past Alex's two schipperkes, Andy and Amos.

Trey's devotion to the community as a police officer and Alex's graduate endeavors are admirable, but prove inefficient monetarily in planning a wedding.  It is important to Trey and Alex to have family and friends involved with the wedding, as they have proven to be pivotal to the couple's discover of true love.  A gift of a holiday wedding where they could join their lives formally as one with family and friends surrounding them, given the support of the community they both hold close in their hearts, would be a priceless blessing.