Indictment in 14-year-old disappearance of Greenwood girl

Published: Nov. 7, 2002 at 3:33 AM EST|Updated: Jul. 14, 2003 at 11:31 AM EDT
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(Greenwood) Nov. 6, 2002 - Deputies say Malakia 'Kia' Logan's family may finally be face-to-face with their daughter's killer after 14 long years of unanswered questions and pain. Greenwood County Sheriff's Deputies have charged a man in the 1988 death of the Greenwood girl. Charles Wade Hampton in jail in Georgia is charged with kidnapping, assault and murder. 
After Kia turned up missing in May 1988, her mom begged the kidnapper for mercy.

Greenwood County Sheriff Sam Riley described the disappearance, "She and her sister had been playing basketball and were headed home and she disappeared. Her bike was found in the parking lot." The bike was the only clue found after police searched by land and air near the family's Greenwood apartment.
Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster says two years later, there was a small break in the case, "Fall of 1990, hunters found a skull in a wooded area in Newberry County on 34 Highway."

Riley says the skull couldn't be positively identified as Kia's until 1997, with advancements in DNA testing, "We've been aware of an individual charged in other states with similar instances, we were made aware he was in Georgia and started investigating."

Charles Wade Hampton has been in a Georgia prison for years, serving time for other crimes. Police say they've uncovered strong evidence linking him to Kia's murder.
A Greenwood County grand jury indicted Hampton on charges of kidnapping, intent to commit criminal sexual conduct on a minor, and murder.
Kia would have been 22 now, but her family and Sheriff Riley say after all these years they've never given up hope of finding "little" Kia's killer, "I've been involved with this since 1988 it feels good to have a conclusion. Now that we have indicted him we have a conclusion that we all have looked forward to."

Hampton pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, but police say they're confident they have their man.

By Crystal Davis
updated 8:21am by Chris Rees