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The last couple of months have felt like an eternity for Tyra Marshall, one of the Midlands Reading Consortium volunteers.

The Midlands Reading Consortium is an in-school, one-on-one volunteer literacy initiative for Kindergarten through second grade students, in partnership with eight school districts, businesses, libraries, colleges and churches in the Midlands.

The Midlands Reading Consortium operates more than 20 sites, including an early education center. It recruits, screens, trains and matches tutors with students selected by teachers and principals.

Since March 2020, disruptions to students’ lives from the pandemic have created an even greater need for volunteers to work with students and give them the extra attention they need to read proficiently and build resilience.

“It’s been hard to be away from the students,” said Tyra. “They are so curious about the world and love the little time they have with you. When you are reading books they are interested in, they hang on every word.”

Tyra has been a reading volunteer for three years at South Kilbourne Elementary School. She enjoys learning about her student and their family.

The goal of the Midlands Reading Consortium is to support local schools improve reading proficiency by using role models that nurture a love of reading, reinforce the elements of literacy, build confidence and support a child’s social-emotional growth.

Midlands Reading Consortium volunteers tutor students 30 minutes each week during the school year to help ensure students are reading proficiently by third grade, which is key to later student success. Many volunteers choose to work with two students back-to-back for one hour during the week to increase their impact.

Virtual and in-person opportunities are available! Learn more or sign up to volunteer today at uway.org.

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