You May be Entitled to Compensation If You Used Hair Relaxers and Developed Cancer

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Sponsored - For years hair relaxers or hair straighteners have been used primarily by African American women to make their curly or coily hair lay flat. However, new evidence has established that exposure to the chemicals in hair relaxers or hair straightener products can cause uterine cancer and other conditions resulting in a hysterectomy. Lawsuits are now being filed against cosmetic companies that manufacture hair relaxers.

Black consumers make up 14% of the population and are spending 9 times more money on products for hair care. Furthermore, Black women lead the world in hysterectomies, 65.4% of these cases are due to fibroids in comparison to the 28.5% of white women. The difference in these percentages are no coincidence and are alarming giving into account that historically black women are treated disproportionately within the healthcare system.

Other complications linked to hair relaxers include:

  • Uterine tumors
  • Uterine cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cancer

Due to the fact that the research has come out only in recent months, these lawsuits are still very new. It also means that hair relaxers may cause many other types of cancers, as well. If you have used a hair relaxer and have received a cancer diagnosis, it is critical to speak with a South Carolina personal injury lawyer who can advise on whether you are eligible for compensation. Find out if you qualify here.

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