The Stanley Law Group Wins Moped Accident Case for $1.25 Million

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The injured plaintiff, Mr. Lawrence, was a young man who was driving to work on his moped on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC and was struck by a car that was attempting to turn left into the Wells Fargo bank parking lot. The impact of the crash caused Mr. Lawrence’s moped to overturn, throwing him from the moped, and causing Mr. Lawrence to be rushed to the emergency room due to his loss of consciousness at the collision scene.

Following the moped wreck, the at-fault driver proceeded to exit her Lexus sedan, enter the Wells Fargo bank, and conduct her banking transaction and financial business while Mr. Lawrence lay unconscious in the roadway.

Columbia Police Officers subsequently entered the bank with body cam rolling to speak with the at-fault driver who was attempting to complete her banking transaction at the time. Her actions and reactions on the body cam were cold and callous toward the Mr. Lawrence as a human being and showed a conscious and reckless disregard for his health and safety.

As a result of this moped crash, Mr. Lawrence sustained life-threatening injuries resulting in invasive medical procedures. The plaintiff in this case contacted car accident lawyer Mark B. Stanley of The Stanley Law Group to represent him.

Notwithstanding the obstacles and hurdles presented throughout the litigation of the case, attorney Mark B. Stanley of The Stanley Law Group successfully obtained an out of court settlement for the policy limits of $1.25 million.

“The at-fault driver in this case was extremely cold, callous and, frankly, unapologetic towards my client. We were determined to hold her accountable for her inhumane actions and outright disregard for the health and safety of my client. Getting money out of an ATM should not come before concern for someone’s well-being,” states Mark B. Stanley.

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