The Stanley Law Group Wins $1.875 Million Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement

The Stanley Law Group

Sponsored - On December 11, 2017, Ms. N. Ford was traveling northbound on Fairfield Road in Richland County, SC when a tractor trailer attempted to make an improper left turn and struck Ms. Ford’s vehicle with extreme force and violence. Following the severe collision, the truck driver exited his truck and approached Ms. Ford’s vehicle not to check on her well-being, but instead to tell her “You need to move your car out of the way because I need to be in Georgia in one hour.”

As a result of the semi-truck wreck, Ms. Ford suffered severe physical pain and injury to her spine which necessitated extensive medical treatment and surgical intervention.  Furthermore, the accident impacted her emotionally causing her to have anxiety and PTSD.

After having difficulty with the initial legal process, Ms. Ford subsequently hired tractor trailer accident lawyer Mark B. Stanley at The Stanley Law Group who was able to achieve a total settlement of $1.875 million.

“What other lawyers could not get done for myself and my son, Mark got done in an expeditious manner! My experience with attorney Mark and this law group has been a pleasure! When I was involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, I was left with a lot of pain and a great deal of emotions. I initially hired a lawyer based on a co-worker’s recommendation. At the time, I thought I made the best decision because I had an enormous amount of trust in my colleague. However, as my case progressed, I noticed that I was not receiving the results I deserved. I researched further and it led me to Mark who I learned has an unlimited amount of knowledge and experience in cases like mine.

Having Mark as an attorney is like having a friend or, better yet, a family member to really advocate for you! Not only is he professional, but his level of knowledge is very impressive,” stated Ms. Ford.

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