The Stanley Law Group Wins $4.5 Million Settlement

Attorney Breon C.M. Walker
Attorney Breon C.M. Walker

Sponsored - Attorney Breon C.M. Walker represented the family of the decedent, a military veteran and devoted mother of four, during this tragic case. The victim, who was very close to her family, was returning home from celebrating a family member’s birthday shortly before a truck accident involving a commercial vehicle took her life.

The victim was traveling eastbound on a highway when the defendant, who was driving his commercial vehicle westbound on the same highway, suddenly crossed over the double-yellow center line and into the eastbound travel lane and struck the victim’s vehicle in a head-on collision. The force of the collision caused catastrophic property damage to the vehicle and injuries resulting in the untimely death of the victim.

The victim’s family took legal action to seek justice for their mother. “As with any wrongful death case, placing a value on a human life and explaining that value to the deceased’s loved ones is always extremely challenging. There is no amount of money that will bring their loved one back; however, our job was to bring the client closure and get them as fairly compensated as possible, which I feel like we were able to accomplish,” said attorney Breon C.M. Walker of The Stanley Law Group.

Despite several legal hurdles, attorney Walker demanded that the defendant take full responsibility for the negligent driving acts that caused this fatal collision which resulted in securing a settlement of $4.5 million for the victim’s family.

“I think the most unique aspect of this case was having to build economic damages from scratch with very little information. We had to be creative in that approach and gathering the information and documentation necessary to build the case,” said Breon C.M. Walker of The Stanley Law Group.

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