5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites for Truthful Readings of 2023

Top Psychic Reading Sites

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There are moments in life when we appear to be faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and are unsure of the decisions to take. If this sounds like you, you could be waiting for a sign before making a decision. Contacting a psychic reader is one way to get a sign from the universe. A psychic reader can help give you the required clarity and sense of direction.

A psychic reading starts with a psychic using various psychic mediums and tools to connect to your energy. This process lets them get a closer glimpse of your past, present and future.

A psychic reading typically consists of numerology, astrology, crystal balls, tarot cards, and palmistry. Before the advent of technology, most people visited psychics only by heading to a state carnival or fair. Fortunately, that isn’t the case today, as you can book a consultation to get your psychic reading with an online psychic.

Psychic readings are now conducted via phone psychic reading, chat, email, and video call. An online psychic reading can also consist of fortune telling, horoscopes, tarot cards, angel readings, relationship and love readings, clairvoyants and more. Regardless of the type of psychic reading you need, you are bound to get valuable insights into your love life, career, and family situation via an online psychic reading.

Finding a reliable online psychic reading service for accurate readings can be tough since there are many to choose from. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which will provide you with the most accurate psychic results.

It is important to research each website and read reviews before selecting a service that meets your needs. Doing this can ensure you get the most accurate psychic readings from a reliable source.

It is also important to learn more about the psychic reader and their qualifications before selecting a service. Ask for information on their experience, track record, and any certifications they may have obtained. This way, you will be sure that the psychic reader is experienced and qualified to provide you with the best psychic readings.

Finally, ensure that the psychic reading service offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied with your readings.

By taking these steps, you can find the best online psychic reading service for accurate psychic readings. With reliable and professional services, you can get the insight and guidance you need to make the right decisions for your life.

Fortunately, we have decided to help take the guesswork out of it by highlighting the top 5 psychic readers that provide accurate psychic readings.

The Best Psychic Reading Sites of 2023

1. Kasamba - Beginner-friendly online psychic site with gifted advisors.

2. Psychic Source - Great site for connecting to online psychics via video at affordable rates.

3. California Psychics - Best site for accurate psychic readings thanks to the stringent psychic screening process

4. Purple Garden - Great for accurate psychic readings on mobile. $10 FREE credit sessions

5. Keen Psychics - 100% satisfaction guarantee on every direct psychic reading

Confidence in Our Review Process

When it comes to the best reviews on psychic reading sites, you can count on us. Our reviews are based on extensive research and our own experience in psychics and tarot card readings. We continuously look for new sources of information so that we can provide the most current data available.

In addition to being more comprehensive than other review websites, our reviews also contain more detail. We evaluate each reader carefully, exploring what they do and why they do it to give you an honest opinion on the value of their services. With us, you can be sure that you are getting a reliable review.

1. Kasamba - Best Psychics for Accurate-Truthful Answers


Kasamba is the go-to online psychic reader dedicated to helping you find meaning in the events in your life. A strict recruitment policy has kept Kasamba a reliable source of trustworthy and accurate readings for over 20 years.

Whatever topic you seek guidance on, Kasamba is sure to provide quality advice from experienced psychics and readers. With its long-standing record of success and customer satisfaction, Kasamba is a highlyreputable website to turn to for your psychic needs. Their dedication to providing quality readings makes it the premier choice in finding insight into your life's events.

You can rest easy knowing that Kasamba has only the best psychics available on its roster who are committed to providing you with the quality readings you deserve. With an easy-to-use website and friendly customer service, Kasamba is ready to provide answers that may otherwise have been hard to come by. So don't hesitate and trust your life's journey to their experienced hands for the most accurate psychic readings available today!

The choice is yours, and the decision is easy. Kasamba is here to give you the help you need with their honest readings. With your trust in their hands, you'll be on your way to finding the answers and understanding that have been missing from your life. Don't wait any longer; start getting quality psychic readings today!

An attractive feature of this site is the ability for new clients to seamlessly contact a psychic reader to negotiate the reading rate before you begin your session. Moreover, Kasamba has an intuitive mobile app that makes locating the right online psychic easier.

Because Kasamba is one of the best psychic reading websites, the psychic reading rates are slightly higher. Nevertheless, that fee is cushioned by the 70% discount you get on your first session. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to try out real psychics on Kasamba before committing.

Kasamba also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and gives $50 cashback to those that aren’t pleased with their first session.

Get a psychic reading for FREE on Kasamba

Kasamba Readings Services

Psychic Readings

This reading lets you choose from more than 200 real psychics at Kasamba. Every one of these online psychics specializes in various forms of psychic readings, with most of them having performed more than hundreds of readings.

You can also check what previous clients have said concerning their sessions. With this information, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right psychic, regardless of what type of psychic reading you need.

A psychic might use certain tools, such as crystal balls and runes, to conduct a psychic reading. It is even possible to get a psychic medium to help with topics such as connecting with your loved ones.

As stated earlier, the rates for each psychic reading will depend on the type of psychic reading and the psychic.

Love & Relationship Readings

Kasamba boasts a wealth of over 250 love and relationship psychics, all available online. With skilled professionals specializing in various areas such as affairs, single life, dating, divorce, parent-child relationships and even LGBT-friendly advice - there's something for everyone!

When you consult with one of Kasamba's love psychics, they can provide valuable insight into all aspects of your love life. From helping to make sense of a breakup or divorce to finding the perfect soulmate match and determining spousal compatibility - these readings can open new doors to understanding and improving your romantic prospects.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings can help you gain clarity in life or open new pathways of thought. Kasamba boasts a selection of over 180 psychics skilled in tarot card readings to assist you with any topic.

Aside from the classic tarot deck, they also offer cartomancy and angel card readings for more specific insights into your personal life and a general overview. All readings can be done online, giving you convenient access to the answers you seek.

Kasamba's psychics are experienced in providing reliable and accurate readings that can provide insight into any area of your life. A tarot card reading from one of their experts can clarify anything from relationship issues to financial issues and even long-term decisions.

Cartomancy and angel card readings can also help you understand yourself, your life mission and the potential obstacles. All these readings are available online, allowing you to access answers wherever and whenever suits you.

Dream Analysis

More than 100 dream advisors on Kasamba offer personal guidance via dream analysis. Dream interpretations are useful as dreams can provide a significant influence on the choices we make. For this reason, it is important to completely understand what your dreams are. Kasamba’s dream interpreters are highly rated, having earned their rankings through thousands of client readings.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are a wonderful way to find the answers you need in your life among the stars. You can access 104 highly rated astrologers at Kasamba that answer your question and provide guidance. The online psychics at Kasamba also specialize in Chinese and Vedic astrology for individuals who want to learn about another culture.

Career Forecasts

Kasamba has more than 180 career psychic readers, all willing to guide you in improving your career. Moreover, all the online psychics at Kasamba have at least a rating of 4 stars.

Fortune Telling

Fortune telling requires the assistance of clairvoyance using mystical items to help gleam answers to your questions on your future. There are over 150 highly rated fortune tellers on Kasamba to select from.

Get advice on your relationships, the future or loved ones on Kasamba

2. Psychic Source - Best Site for Clients That Want Video Psychic Readings

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a platform that provides online psychic reading via chat, video, and phone psychic reading mediums. There are numerous options to select from to ensure you always have the best method. Moreover, Psychic Source can allow you to get to know your psychic better.

Psychic Source Reading Services

Dream Interpretation

Dreams can be a powerful source of insight, though deciphering their meaning can be tricky. Psychic Source is here to simplify the process, offering access to over 35 psychic mediums specialized in dream analysis. Whether you're looking for practical advice or divine wisdom, you'll find an online psychic who suits your needs. Let Psychic Source be your guide and unlock the hidden messages within your dreams.

Love Readings

Love readings are especially important to those looking to learn more about their love life. This type of reading is important to Psychic Source, considering that there are more than 150 online psychics to choose from. All the online psychics in this category have a 5-star rating.

Each psychic has the tools and abilities needed for psychic readings. Furthermore, Psychic Source has inbuilt filters that let you narrow down your search for affordable psychic readings.

Find your true purpose in Live with Real psychics at Psychic Source

Spiritual Readings

You can get spiritual readings from Psychic Source. In this type of reading, a psychic medium utilizes their natural abilities to help answer any questions you might have. It is important to note that not every medium psychic on Psychic Source offers this form of reading.

The lack of online psychics specializing in this category shouldn’t be considered bad. It simply means that you don’t have to worry about sorting through hundreds of online psychics to find the one that best suits your preferences.

Astrology and Numerology Readings

Psychic Source also offers astrology and numerology readings. These types of readings are especially useful for individuals interested in these niches. This psychic reading service lets you get answers that you might have, be it in your career, love life, or life. You can also choose to get a general astrology psychic reading.

Find the Perfect Psychic for FREE at Psychic Source

3. California Psychics - Best Psychic Reading Possible Over the Phone

California Psychics

One of the best online psychics sites has to be California Psychics. It is a popular platform that provides clients with accurate psychic readings by high-quality online psychics. Furthermore, it has been in business for more than 25 years and still provides quality readings thanks to its strict screening process.

If you are new to the online psychic scene, you will want to go with a trustworthy and safe online psychic platform; California Psychics is just that. As one of the best psychic reading websites, California Psychics categorizes its services into Psychic Topics. This process ensures that clients can always find an online psychic reader with experience in their particular situation.

California Psychics Reading Services

When selecting online psychic readings, you can choose one via call or chat. Alternatively, you can choose to an appointment. This option let you pick a psychic reading dependent on your schedule and urgency.

California Psychic provides a secure, anonymous platform for users to get psychic readings. Through their platform, customers can select the reading type of their choice: numerology, tarot, astrology or even no tools, simply relying on the intuitive connection between the reader and customer. The California Psychic platform ensures the privacy of each user on the site remains intact throughout the process.

Get a personalized psychic reading at California Psychics

Relationships and Love

A love and relationship reading from a love psychic can be used to help you discover important information concerning your love life. An online psychic specializing in this niche can give you the personal guidance you require. Moreover, most psychic mediums specializing in this psychic reading niche have over a decade of experience, which can prove useful.

California Psychics online psychic readers can scratch more than just the surface. Every session provides detailed information that can help get you unstuck from any love or relationship-related situation you are going through.

A love psychic reading can be beneficial for those in confusing relationships. It can also be useful for those in a situation where they are unable to get an objective perspective. California Psychics has over 100 psychic mediums that provide accurate psychic readings on love and relationships.

Career Advice

It can be hard to wake up one day and realize that you haven’t made as much headway in your career as you would like. Fortunately, you can get a psychic reading from an online psychic at California Psychics to gain the clarity and insight you need to make the right decision in life concerning your career. There are over 200 reputable psychics to select from that can help you with this.

This type of reading session can be a great way to discover any energy that has resulted in you becoming stagnant in your career. You can also gain an understanding of why you are experiencing these hurdles. The online psychic you choose can provide you with psychic predictions concerning your career while giving you useful alternatives if you are interested in switching paths.

Life Path and Destiny

Life path readings were created to provide accurate and insightful guidance on your life path. If you are feeling lost with no sense of purpose, California Psychics has more than 100 highly rated online psychics to select from for help.

Are you feeling lost and uncertain about what your life path is? With California Psychics, you can learn more about yourself and get on the road to achieving your dreams. Our highly rated online psychics are here to provide insightful guidance through a life path reading so that you can discover how close you are to living your best life.

Reviews have stated that specially selected psychics have helped them realize their greater purpose in life and learn more about the future they could be heading towards. With over 100 experienced professionals ready to help, don't miss this valuable opportunity for growth.

Unlock the mysteries of your destiny with a Life Path Reading from California Psychics. Discover who you are and understand what lies ahead without leaving home! Start exploring today!

Life path readings can be a wonderful way to discover yourself and your purpose in life. The online psychics that provide this service have also dealt with not knowing their path in life. Thanks to this first-hand experience, they can provide you with practical life advice that actually works.

Looking for REAL psychics? Get accurate readings at California Psychics

4. Purple Garden - Best Site for Accurate Psychic Readings on the Go

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is regarded as one of the premier tarot reading destinations. But that's not all it offers - you can get many other services, such as palm readings, harmony advice, life advice and more. The website features a clean and user-friendly interface and an exhaustive list of expert psychics to choose from.

Plus, you can now get live video call psychic readings with the Purple Garden mobile app. This ensures you can connect face-to-face with real psychics wherever and whenever you need. With Purple Garden, you can get quality advice from trusted professionals.

Considering that there are a lot of online psychic reading websites to select from, it can be difficult to know which ones house real psychics and those that don’t. Fortunately, you can connect with the best online psychic readings from real psychics at Purple Garden.

At first glance, it can be hard to know if Purple Garden is one of the good ones. The reason for this is that Purple Garden doesn’t have as much information on itself to view. After spending some time on the site, you will discover it has been operating for years. Moreover, Purple Garden has many top-rated online psychic readers for clients to select from.

As stated earlier, Purple Garden is one of the best psychic reading websites. The site was created by the creators of Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. It houses more than 1,500 psychics online to choose from. You also get a mobile application that works with Android and iOS devices.

Purple Garden offers various psychic services, including video, voice calling, and chat. Their user profiles let you get to know each reader and their energy level beforehand. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, though not every reader is available at all times. With Purple Garden, you can access psychic readings whenever you need them.

On Purple Garden, you don't just get the typical psychic readings via chat but also interactive voice calls and video calls as well. The website also provides a unique Journey feature that allows users to explore spiritual topics in greater depth. While it doesn't offer free readings as some other websites do, it still provides an impressive selection of services and features that make it stand out from the pack.

Start Your Self Discovery Journey with Purple Garden psychics

Fortunately, you can choose among Purple Garden's psychic readers based on customer reviews. The online psychics at Purple Garden charge a fee per minute - though each psychic has their unique rate. Purple Garden is open and transparent about these fees, so you can easily view them by checking out each profile.

Purple Garden is known for its affordable psychic readings and frequently offers discounts to customers. Additionally, the mobile app includes a unique feature called Journeys, which allows users to share their experiences with readers and learn from others. All that is necessary is to access this feature through the app.

Furthermore, Purple Garden offers palm readings and other types of psychic readings. This makes it stand out from the competition, giving users a variety of options to choose from.

The customer service team at Purple Garden is also highly trained in providing assistance and advice, ensuring that customers get the most out of their experience. With so many features on offer, Purple Garden is the perfect choice for those seeking to contact a psychic reader.

With Journey, users are given the opportunity to delve into a variety of life topics without incurring any additional fees. Subjects and issues tackled by this feature include:

  • Decision making
  • Infidelity
  • Breakups
  • Finding love
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Relationship issues
  • Career issues
  • Soulmates
  • Twin flames
  • Feelings of unease or stress

Purple Garden Reading Services

At Purple Garden, a range of psychic readings is available for individuals to explore. You can check out the services on offer by visiting the website, downloading the mobile app, and selecting from various categories. Each option has its own profile page with information about the psychic medium and details of their readings.

You can learn more about the type of reading that appeals to you and make your selection. Whether it's fortune telling, a tarot reading, or astrology - Purple Garden has it all. So why not explore today and see what the future holds for you?

Tarot Readings

A tarot reading can be a great way to connect with your higher self. Purple Garden is another of the best psychic reading websites where you can get almost every topic, from finances and career to relationships and love.

Psychic Readings

To ensure that you get accurate psychic readings, the Purple Garden psychic reading site has only the best psychics online to ensure your visions are effectively translated. With psychic reading sessions, the medium psychic can sense and see the energy around you. This helps them learn things about you that you don’t even know. Furthermore, these phone psychics can give you important advice on the situation.

Love Readings

A love reading through a psychic reading site can give you the clarity you need on certain relationship issues. It can be difficult to know if you are with your soulmate, especially if the relationship is still new. With love readings, you can find out if your feelings for them are genuine. A love reading can help you discover if your partner is your soulmate and if you are destined to be with each other.

Palm Readings

Purple Garden has a unique take on palm readings and psychic reading services. This is because they offer psychic predictions via video calls. All you have to do is show your palms to the psychic medium. Getting a palm reading can be a great way to gain clarity about a particular situation or your future. A palm reading provides information about the future and the actions required to make that future come true.

A palm reading session with a psychic reader at Purple Garden can help you discover your limits and how to surpass them. You can also gain the required insight to overcome any stumbling blocks.

Astrology and Horoscopes

A horoscope can show you the type of person you are. It can also show you how others around you view you. Astrology can be a great way to understand all the trials and things you have gone through in your past.

Moreover, horoscopes are useful as they help confirm any issues you might be currently facing. They can also give insight into your successes and what your ideal life is.

Oracle Guidance

The real psychics at Purple Garden view oracles and tarot cards as the same thing. In truth, they are as they are both card readings. A significant difference, however, is that tarot cards are much more particular than oracle cards. This means that messages derived from oracle readings are quite easy to understand.

This is in contrast to a tarot card reading, as the messages derived can be too vague for some. This type of reading can be great for those looking to shape their future with the right decisions.

Angel Insights

Everyone, especially those who have gone through a difficult time, can truly benefit from angel insights from a psychic online. These spiritual guardians provide insight and advice to any area of life. Angel readings can help you find answers to any questions that may arise about your life or the people in it. This type of guidance is invaluable in aiding the healing process.

You can ask the psychic online open-ended and specific questions during an angel card reading session. You must see an angel insight as an opportunity to experience the benefits of connecting with your guardian angel. This is the most effective way to get the most out of your psychic readings.

Dream Analysis

We all have dreams that leave us with more questions than we would like when we wake up. The dream interpreters at Purple Garden can help you remember those dreams and their messages. Dreaming can inspire healing, help us gain control of our fears, and become liberated.

The dream interpreters at Purple Garden can help you analyze your dreams by charting the way forward.

Get accurate readings from Real psychics at Purple Garden

5.Keen Psychics - Get Guidance on Your Future

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is one of the best online psychic reading services. It offers a vast array of reading categories from real psychics, giving users the clarity and enlightenment they need. Accuracy and transparency are the key philosophies used at Keen Psychics, and that is evident thanks to the reader profiles and great introductory offers.

This online psychic site is secure and safe and has a satisfaction guarantee that refunds your money if you aren’t satisfied with your readings.

Perhaps a unique and attractive feature of Keen Psychics is that new clients get their first 3 minutes of reading free.

Keen Psychics Reading Services

Keen Psychics Reading Services is one of the best psychic reading websites, with more than 20 different themes available. You can connect with real psychics via call, chat or even email to get the best out of your session.

Booking a session in advance is easy for those with a busy schedule, allowing them to make the most out of their readings. Keen Psychics provides various options, such as general life advice, relationship guidance and more.

Additionally, skilled mediums are also available for those seeking spiritual counseling. As Keen Psychics offers short and long-term services, finding something that suits you perfectly is possible. The accuracy of Keen's readings makes them stand out.

What else sets Keen apart from other psychic reading sites is the quality of its customer service and its commitment to ensuring that every individual gets highly reliable readings. The website has a stringent screening process for all available psychics, ensuring that only authentic readers with the right qualifications are listed on the platform. It also offers helpful guidance about each reader to make it easier for customers to find an appropriate match.

Keen also gives customers accurate real-time ratings and feedback so they can make informed decisions when selecting a psychic. Psychic advisors at Keen have extensive experience and have been thoroughly tested and verified by a team of experts. This rigorous process also ensures that customer privacy is safeguarded while they receive confidential readings.

Find the perfect advisor on Keen ($1.99 for 10 Minutes)

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading session with one of Keen's psychics is the perfect solution for those seeking general advice about their life. This comprehensive reading can help to uncover multiple situations in your life that require guidance, making it ideal for individuals dealing with more than one pressing issue.

With this holistic approach, you can gain greater clarity and insight into your purpose and future path. Moreover, these sessions provide invaluable support and encouragement during times of uncertainty or difficulty.

Keen Psychics have only placed their most experienced psychics in this category, making it incredibly popular. With over 200 online psychics available and over 100 who have a minimum of 10 years of experience conducting 50,000 readings, you can feel assured that someone is doing your reading with ample knowledge and expertise.

The range of talents possessed by online psychics makes this category even more attractive. Whatever ability or specialty you may be looking for in your psychic reader - clairvoyance, tarot card reading, astrology etc., Keen ensures you can find the perfect match for your needs without difficulty.

It's easy to see why Keen Psychics has become so beloved among its users. With an abundance of experienced readers and a wide variety of specialties, you can be sure that you will find the perfect solution for your psychic needs in their category. Not only does Keen ensure that their customers receive the most accurate readings, but also that they have an enjoyable experience every time.

Financial Outlook

Finances can be a source of stress for many people, no matter their life stage. Fortunately, there is an option to help ease such worries: consulting with an online psychic. Keen Psychics specifically offers more than 40 psychics with experience assisting thousands of clients to get insight into their financial situation.

Moreover, Keen Psychics doesn’t split financial and career outlooks into separate categories, unlike other psychic reading websites. This means you can get personal advice concerning your finances and career path.

The experienced psychics at Keen Psychics can provide impartial advice to help put you at ease about your financial situation or any concerns related to changing careers. They can also help you recognize the ideal career path that best aligns with your soul’s purpose. Keen Psychics is highly praised for providing accurate and reliable psychic readings to thousands of clients worldwide.

You can better understand your current financial situation or career path by consulting with an online psychic. With the help of Keen Psychics, you can identify potential solutions and make the necessary changes to move forward in your life.

With their accurate readings, impartial advice, and wide selection of psychics, Keen Psychics is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for guidance regarding finances and career outlooks.

Relationships and Love

Keen's online psychics offer an invaluable service in helping you decide which relationships in your life are worth fighting for. With more than 150 experienced readers available, many of them rated with a 4.5-star rating or higher, you can be sure that the psychic readings you receive are accurate and helpful.

Soulmate connections , infidelity, divorce, and breakups are common issues for which an online psychic can provide detailed insight. Psychics draw on their experience to offer the best guidance when it comes to such matters. With this support, you can make sound decisions on approaching these relationships.

With an online psychic's help, you can gain a clear insight into your potential connections and mend any existing relationships. The right guidance can make all the difference in ensuring that you choose the best path for yourself. An experienced reader will be able to provide the advice you need to make sound decisions regarding your life partnerships.

Other Reading Categories

Keen also offers other reading categories for those that want a particular theme. The best psychic reading websites offer categories such as Angel Readings, Pets, Astrology, Tarot, and Life Questions, to name a few.

The life questions category is best suited to those who want clarification on a life-changing decision they are about to make. It could be that you are considering getting a pet, moving house, being confused about your purpose in life, or looking to make a significant purchase. Life readings can give you the confidence to make those decisions with faith.

Talk with Keen Trusted Experts for Resolving Pressing Life Issues

General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get psychic readings?

If you are concerned about life or have certain questions about any part of your life, then a psychic reading is for you. A psychic reading is also beneficial for individuals who want clarity in their life, gain a connection to their soul, and benefit from the truth.

Will an online psychic tell you what you want to hear?

No, real psychics do not tell you what you want to hear. An online psychic's main aim is to provide clarity by helping you identify areas in your life that don’t currently align with your soul. Moreover, an online psychic neither benefits nor suffers from the advice they give you. Their job is to help you achieve your goals.

How to do a psychic reading over the phone or online?

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to be in the same room as an online psychic to receive a meaningful reading. The best psychics worldwide can tap into your energy and accurately provide insight regardless of time or location.

Through chat, video call, or phone call, real psychics can access the information they need from their spirit guides to provide the most accurate reading possible. This means no matter where you are, you can still get a quality psychic reading without physically being present. With psychics located worldwide, it is now much easier than ever to arrange a spiritual reading online.

Many people don’t realize they can receive a psychic reading without having to be present in person, but the truth is that you don’t have to be physically present to get an accurate reading. With the right psychic, you can still gain insight and find clarity through phone or online readings.

How do you know if a psychic is good?

The hallmarks of a good psychic reading are as follows:

They should be able to provide practical advice with accurate insight. The information you get should spur faith and inspiration. Once you get a psychic reading, you can use the information gained to examine yourself, recognizing your gifts and abilities.

The primary objective of a psychic reading is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to make meaningful changes in your life. Therefore, it is important to be wary of any online psychics who claim that they possess exclusive powers or special gifts which enable them to access spiritual wisdom.

The truth is that we all have access to the guidance of guardian angels and the universe, through which we can receive intuitive information.

A good psychic can tap into this energy to provide psychic readings.

What type of psychic readings are there?

There are a plethora of different psychic readings to enjoy. Typically, they are categorized by topic, psychic tool, and psychic gift. These topics include spirituality, past lives, career, destiny, life path, finances and money, romance and love.

Some psychic gifts include clairaudience, mediumship, energy reading, clairvoyance, and more. Psychic tools typically include spirit guides, pendulums, runes, crystals, and tarot cards.

Considering this, you should have no problem finding the right psychic reading for you and your situation. You should remember that some types of readings are specialized, and depending on the online psychic reading site you visit, you might only have a handful of online psychics to select from.