Character Building Through Free Off-Campus Bible Classes

School Time Bible Ministries

Sponsored - Parents, teachers, and principals of public schools see a notable difference in students who have taken School Time Bible classes.

School Time Bible Ministries provides free off-campus Bible classes during the school day for public school students. With parental permission, students in grades 5-9 are released from elective classes to go off campus to a nearby church for the lessons.

Students who learn core values such as respect, responsibility, compassion, and honesty tend to become better students, better friends, and more understanding of others. In fact, “adolescents who practice religion on a regular basis do better in school than those who are religiously disengaged”, according to new research from Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE). “The findings indicate that religious communities socialize adolescents to cultivate two habits highly valued in public schools: conscientiousness and cooperation. Religious engagement may influence grades more than researchers realize.” Grayson Hartgrove, Executive Director of School Time Bible Ministries says, “School Time Bible Ministries is significant not only for the potential impact in the lives of our students, but because it is a way of returning Bible study and prayer to the lives of public-school students while respecting those who do not wish to participate. As students take what they are learning back to their schools, I believe we will see an impact. If we can touch enough schools, we can touch a community”.

Faith-based programming has been operating in most South Carolina school districts for the past 25 years. Since then, over 50,000 students have taken Bible classes during the school day. Currently in the Palmetto State, over 13,000 students from more than 100 public schools leave their school campus and go to a nearby church for Bible education classes. The response has been overwhelmingly positive in several aspects of the students’ lives and in the educational environment.

A parent of a middle schooler testified that her son “has benefitted immensely from taking School Time Bible class. His grades have significantly improved and his attitude in school and at home changed for the better. I can’t begin to describe the positive changes in his personality.” Many more parents and teachers have shared the benefits of the program:

“Both my son and daughter went through the School Time Bible classes, and it was one of the best things I could have done for my children.” Parent of a 6th – and an 8th- grader

“I have seen some dramatic positive changes in attitudes and behaviors since School Time Bible began at our school.” - Middle School Teacher

Space is limited, and classes begin soon. To see a list of all participating schools and register for classes, visit!

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