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Learn About a No-Cost Healthcare Option with Healthy Connections Prime.

What is Healthy Connections Prime?

Healthy Connections Prime is an enhanced healthcare option for seniors providing enhanced Medicare and Medicaid Services. Healthy Connections Prime offers better care by making it easier for you to get all of your Medicare, Medicaid, and Part D services from a health plan that you choose, better value through a care team and a care manager that works directly with you and your doctors and better health through benefits that help you stay at home with your family for as long as possible.

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Benefits for enrollees include:

No premiums or deductibles

No cost for prescription drugs, doctor visits, or hospital stays

One health plan card to manage all your Medicare (Parts A, B, & D) and Healthy Connections Medicaid medical and prescription drug benefits

A care plan designed specifically to meet your health needs

Who can receive Healthy Connections Prime?

Applicants must be 65 years of age or older.

Applicants must be receiving BOTH Medicare and South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid.

Applicants must reside in a county that participates in the program.

Call SC Thrive at 800.726.8774 to start your application now.