Make a Gift to End Blindness in Poverty

Lions Giving Tuesday

Sponsored - Today is Day 321 for Brenda.

It’s been 321 days since Brenda’s application for assistance with cataract surgery was approved by LVS on January 13, 2021. Brenda lives in Salters, SC in Williamsburg County - a county that does not have a single practicing ophthalmologist in it. She has been commuting to Florence for eye care with our partners at Carolina Centers for Sight.

Brenda is diabetic and unemployed, which compounds the severity of the growing cataract in her left eye that needs surgery. LVS is the last line of defense for Brenda.

With the prevalence of cataracts increasing at a rate of 87% according to the CDC, it’s no surprise that Brenda has been waiting for 314 days. She is one of 21 LVS clients currently awaiting eye surgery services.

She just needs your help...

Today on Giving Tuesday - November 30th - you can make a gift that will make a difference for Brenda.

Giving Tuesday

Your gift is ready to be matched not once, not twice, not three, but FOUR TIMES by our ophthalmologist, anesthesiologist, and surgery center partners! They will donate a portion of their services if you will make a gift today to save Brenda’s sight.

The Kingstree Lions Club, which is the only Lions Club in Williamsburg County, will also match the first $1,500 received by LVS for Brenda’s surgery! That means your gift is matched a total of five times on this global day of giving.

Your gift will bring that team of eyecare professionals together to save Brenda’s sight and reset her count of days until she can see fully again.

When you give today, you can not only meet an immediate need in our community, but you can join a global movement.

  • Share your support of LVS on social media and challenge others to join you.
  • Email your friends and invite them to help you save Brenda’s sight.
  • Start your holiday season with a joyful gift to help others see their way to a brighter new year.

After celebrating Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, bring this holiday weekend to a close with a Giving Tuesday gift to Lions Vision Services and help us end blindness in poverty, one South Carolinian at a time!

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