Do You Know What Happens to Your Estate When You Pass Away?

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Sponsored - Estate Planning Questions to Consider

If you are unsure if you need an estate planning attorney to help you accomplish your estate planning goals, consider whether the following scenarios are provided for in your current documents.

Do you want to ensure no one can discover how much money you had, what debts were paid, and private information about you and your heirs? If so, you will want to avoid probate.

Is your heir too young to receive an inheritance? If so, you should create a trust to hold their assets.

Is your heir likely to squander the money they receive? If so, you should create a trust that distributes their inheritance at certain ages.

Have you retired or you are thinking retirement? Our estate planning ensures that your legal documents match your financial goals.

Lawyer Lisa

Does your heir have a disability or any special needs? If so, you should create a special needs trust to receive their share of the inheritance so they can keep their Medicaid benefits.

Is your heir in a difficult marriage? If so, you should ensure their inheritance is safe from a possible divorce.

Do you have children from a prior marriage? If so, you may wish to provide for them differently than from your current spouse or step-children.

Does your heir have any potential creditors from lawsuits or bankruptcy? If so, you may wish to leave them their inheritance in a protected trust.

Are you worried about taxes? If so, your plan can be created to minimize consequences.

At LawyerLisa, we have a comprehensive solution to all of your estate planning needs.

We can plan trusts for your children, avoid having to go through the probate process, avoid government payback of your assets, protect against creditors, keep your assets and your distributions private, and a bunch of other results! Call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Your family will be thankful.

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