Reconstructed: History in Columbia SC


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A city packed with history, Columbia SC has something for you to learn and explore at every corner. With the assistance of Historic Columbia, Experience Columbia SC has made your history lesson fun and interactive with Reconstructed: A Journey Through the Reconstruction Era in Columbia SC.

Take a self-guided tour to numerous landmarks throughout the city, available for download and hard copy, and learn about a misunderstood period in American history.

Reconstruction spanned from 1865-1877 and marked the post-Civil War period during which the United States grappled with the challenges of reintegrating the states that had seceded and determining the legal status of African Americans.

Eight historic landmarks from the period and some of the key people who were influential during the time are featured.

Itinerary stops also include the Museum of the Reconstruction Era at the Woodrow Wilson Family Home, the nation’s first museum dedicated to exploring how Reconstruction shaped our contemporary nation; Hampton Preston Mansion and Gardens where you can learn the stories of enslaved men, women, and children and emancipated Black people who worked at the site during the Reconstruction era; Randolph Cemetery, established to be a more dignified resting place for African Americans in Columbia; and the Phoenix Building where The Daily Phoenix shaped the general public’s view of the Civil War and Reconstruction for generations.

Pick up a copy of the trail at the Columbia SC Visitors Center and Historic Columbia’s Gift Shop at Robert Mills. To download the trail and learn more about the stops and the trailblazers along the way, visit