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Sponsored - When planning for incoming family and friends, it can be hard to not feel the pressure. The anxiety of ensuring everyone has a good time and trying to pick the best hotel and restaurants can be daunting. That’s why the Columbia SC Visitors Center should be your shoulder to lean on.

Spearheaded by Visitor Service Manager, Rhonda Williams, and conveniently located in the historic Vista district, the center’s mission is to be your No. 1 resource for all things fun in the Columbia region.

Did you know our region has world-class attractions, restaurants that rival larger cities’ culinary scenes and outdoor adventure just minutes from downtown? Hosting hundreds of visitors a month, Rhonda and her team have spot-on recommendations to make your itinerary unbeatable.

While you’re there, grab an official Columbia SC Insider’s Guide and some merch for your incoming guests (or yourself). From the weekender tote bag to a Made in Columbia pint glass, there’s something for everyone!

Forgot to grab a surcee for your friend back home? Don’t fret, you can always visit the store online here:

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