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Eudora Farms

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Eudora Wildlife Safari Park, home to around 400 exotic animals, is located in Salley, South Carolina. (Just 45 minutes from Columbia, SC) Eudora Wildlife Safari Park allows your family to drive-through their two-and-half mile safari… and see & feed animals you normally don’t see every day. If you are looking for something fun and safe during the Summer, this is the place to visit.

Enjoy a walking trail along a leisurely route, guests will see Ring-Tailed Lemurs, African Servals, Binturongs, a tortoise, and red kangaroos. There is also an enclosed petting zoo area, along with a Parakeet Adventure where over 200 parakeets make their dwelling.  And enjoy the picnic area for guest right next to the giraffes.

Eudora Wildlife Safari Park was built to provide a Drive-Thru Safari experience that would address the education, preservation, conservation, and the protection of the environment for the entire community.

The park was founded by Mark Nisbet and is the first drive-thru safari park in South Carolina. His history of caretaking for animals started during childhood. Mark was responsible for caretaking of the rabbits and chickens that lived on the balcony of his family’s apartment in Morganton, North Carolina. As the child of a teacher, Mark learned the value of education and conservation.

Nisbet has three children who help manage Eudora Farms. His two sons, Travis, Tristan, and his daughter, Shelby, all work in key roles with the daily operations, maintenance, and development of the safari park. In addition, several staff members and volunteers all contribute to making the experience at Eudora Farms a fun and enjoyable experience for guests of every age that visit the park.

“Once Eudora Wildlife Safari Park opened, we started to see a few cars show up for the drive thru. And then, we had around a couple hundred visitors arrive in one day. We said to ourselves, “Well, this is amazing!”. We didn’t realize that the next day, word-of-mouth about the safari had grown like wildfire, and we had about 800 cars in one day.

Eudora Wildlife Safari Park

Open 7-days a week

Hours: 9am-5pm

Address: 219 Salem Ln, Salley, SC 29137

Phone: (803) 564-5358

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Eudora Farms