Drains Aren’t Dumps

drain dump

Sponsored - Did you know? Drains Aren’t Dumps!

All local storm drains empty directly into nearby rivers, creeks or streams without being treated at the wastewater plant. This means any illegal dumping of hazardous materials or polluted Stormwater runoff entering storm drains have the potential to harm local wildlife, water quality, pets and people. Much of the pollution of local streams and lakes comes from everyday materials such as litter, pet waste, household chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and leaking vehicle fluids. Stormwater runoff carries these pollutants from our streets, yards and sidewalks into local storm drains, where polluted runoff negatively impacts water quality. You can do your part to help protect our waterways by keeping these pollutants off the ground and out of local storm drains. Instead, throw away pet waste, don’t litter, reduce your lawn and household chemical use and make sure your vehicle is not leaking fluids. Interested in assisting with marking storm drains in your community? Learn more here!

drains aren't dumps