6 Reason Why We Love Spring in the Mountains

Cherokee County

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1. The Mountains are green again! We love seeing the green slowly creep up the mountains as Spring arrives, it breathes new life into the valley again!

2. The Fresh Flower beds in Downtown Murphy! The City of Flowers really blooms as soon as Spring hits! Downtown Murphy is spread with fresh, brightly colored flower beds, the scent fills the air and invites all to stroll around Downtown and take in the beauty.

3. Walks on the Heritage Park trail in Andrews! Evening walks around the disc golf course in Andrews are so peaceful, a stroll along the river with a mountain view is the perfect way to end the day!

4. Outside Dining Options! With the warmer weather and sunshine, dining outside for lunch or dinner is an easy choice! This is also a great option for those who travel with their furry friends.

5. Art Walk in Downtown Murphy! The Art Walk is back in town! All are welcome to join the first Friday of every month as the sidewalks of downtown are filled with local artisans and musicians.

6. Food Truck Friday in Andrews! Spend your evening in Andrews with fresh food, live music, and local vendors on the second Friday of every month!

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