Helping Heroes Thrive

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Soldiers and first responders seldom forget what they have seen and done. For those men and women, being isolated with those thoughts and memories can cause them to struggle. Thankfully, Big Red Barn Retreat offers a variety of integrated practices, programs, and training to heroes to allow them to begin to live the life they desire where they are thriving. Yoga, Tai chi, equine assisted psychotherapy, gardening, meditation, peer to peer groups, farm to table cooking classes, volunteering, and the Posttraumatic Growth based program, Warrior PATHH (Progressive Alternative Training for Helping Heroes), are just a few of the many courses offered by the retreat.


Big Red Barn provides these life changing programs to veterans, first responders and active-duty service members at little to no cost to them. If you would like to help our heroes thrive and begin to live the lives they deserve full of joy, connection, and purpose, consider donating today.

If you would like to register for one of Big Red Barn’s programs or would like to learn more, please visit today.