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1818 Blanding Street

Columbia, SC 29201

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We’ve always been interconnected. Interdependent. United. And that’s never been more apparent than right now. What we do together today, will determine how we Live United tomorrow. And if you’re able, give for your neighbors who need help the most.

United Way of the Midlands serves a vital role in our community, filling in the gaps between government services and smaller, niche nonprofits. Only United Way has the resources to provide large-scale solutions to pervasive community problems, like homelessness or lack of basic health services.

Find out more how donations are at work and serve our community: https://unitedtoact.org/uwmidlands/united-way-keeps-residents-smiling-through-wellpartners-dental-clinic

How can I give? There’s many ways to give, visit our site to learn more at https://www.uway.org/donate