Pawmetto Lifeline

Pawmetto Lifeline

1275 Bower Parkway

Columbia, SC 29212

(803) 465-9150

Pawmetto Lifeline, formerly Project Pet, was founded in 1999 with the mission of creating a No-Kill community in the Midlands of South Carolina.

Too many companion pets were euthanized due to overcrowding and homelessness and it was our mission to work toward giving these pets a future.

In 2008, more than 23,000 companion animals entered the municipal animal shelters in Richland and Lexington counties, however, more than 19,000 were euthanized.

In April 2010, through the generosity of donors, such as Austin Meyer, and a partnership with Lexington & Richland counties, we broke ground on a new facility on Bower Parkway.

Since the opening of our adoption, medical, and boarding facility in Spring 2012, we have been able to save more than 15,000 companion pets from euthanasia and gave them a new lease on life.

We continue to strive toward the goal of a no-kill community and state through adoption, pet retention, rescue partnerships, and medical services.

“No pet should die simply because they are homeless.”

It is a gift to the homeless pet you are adopting. This may seem obvious, but each dog or cat at Pawmetto Lifeline waits patiently for the day their forever family arrives to take them home. Whether that wait is — 1 month or 1 year — every pet that calls Pawmetto Lifeline their “temporary home” is given the time and care needed while they await an adopter.

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